The Ghost Town Ride


Riding East on Highway 10 out of Drumheller you come to Rosedale and, in the middle of town a right hand turn onto 10x, the road to Wayne. Soon you pass over a bridge that spans the Rose Bud River. Depending on the time of year it might be a torrent or a trickle, but it does flow the year through. This bridge is the last two lane bridge that you will see for a while as the next ten are one lane, wooden decked affairs spanning one of the most sinuous water courses in the area.

The road is very twisty so take it easy on the blind corners, or take it hard if youre in a hurry! When you get to Wayne you will have taken a step back in time. To a time when Coal was the energy source of the world and this was one of the biggest producers in the world. Stop by the Hotel and have a refreshing beverage. Say hi to Fred if he is in.

The road out is the same as the road in, Same bridges, Same Turns. Different order. Watch out for gravel on the road by the tracks and keep the shiny side up.

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