The Bleriot Ferry Loop


The Bleriot Ferry Loop

The Bleriot Ferry loop is one of the most diverse rides available here. Beginning in Downtown of Drumheller, you venture north across the Gordon Taylor Bridge and proceed as though visiting the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology.

Go on by the dinosaurs this trip but come back with the kids or spend a rainy day here sometime. There are many places to visit on this run. Just down the road is the Little Church and around a couple of turns you find the Golf Course. A very challenging back nine awaits the avid golfer here, but today we ride. As you cruise on down the valley spectacular scenery greets you on both sides of the road. Easy curves take you to a long sweeper that lifts you out of the valley and into one of Albertas oldest oil fields. Lots of old pump jacks I the wheat fields here. Stop by the lookout at horse thief canyon and take in the great view of the badlands.

A bit further down the road and you take the left at the T intersection, go north a bit and take the next left at the Dinosaur grazing in the farmers yard. Just down the road you come to the valleys edge again. Watch the curves if you are new to this road as they can sneak up on you. Just a short run from the bottom and you are at the ferry.

Not many like this anymore! Fifty years ago there were lots of cable ferries up and down the Valley, taking farmers to and fro. But now there are only a few tourist attractions providing a glimpse of yesterday.

When you reach the west side of the river you can visit the campground and stay for an hour or a week if you like, or just climb back out of the valley again and see more grain fields and farms. The Orkney Church is also waiting up top, named for the Orkney Isles, where many of the areas settlers came from.

Just before you drop back into the valley for the second time there is the Orkney Lookout, a spectacular view of the Valley looking back at the Horse Thief canyon. The views up and down the valley show the river and the steep drop is impressive.

As you drop back into the valley the road twists and winds along the valley floor and passes close to the canyon side as it slips along a narrow path beside the River. Soon a sweeping right takes you to a left turn as you come back onto the South Dinosaur Trail. Straight ahead is the Kirkpatrick elevator and soon into Nacmine, former home of the North American Coal Mine Company and soon into Newcastle and then back to Drumheller.

A nice short ride with lots to see and do her in the Badlands.