Dorothy Ride


No, Not your old girlfriend! About 35 km south east of Drumheller is the hamlet of Dorothy. I believe the population is now about six. No bright lights or big city here. In fact it is about as far away from it all as you can get. And the road is very special.

Built on top of an abandoned rail bed this strip of two lane blacktop is pretty well the best road in the area. Long easy sweepers make it a great ride and the scenery is some of the best in the Valley.

This is one of those rides that you can make any length you like. From a quick ride in the evening simply ride out and back. (Dont forget to stop by the campground for a visit and to unwind in the quiet)  Got a couple of hours to kill? Head on out to Sheerness and Hanna and make the loop back to town through Delia over the Hand Hills. The Dorothy Road is also a great beginning to a Saskatchewan run. Take the quiet road by crossing Highway 36 and right out to Oyen.